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"These guys did a great job excavating our property when a sewer line broke. They showed up on time, and finished ahead of schedule. We'd glady recommend them."
- Jay & Donna R., Rye

"Prices were very reasonable and the quality of work was top notch. Would not hestitate to call them again."
- Joe & Nancy V., New Rochelle
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T. Ferraro & Son offers construction excavation, site clearing, site grading, drainage installation & drainage repair, septic system installation, septic system repair and septic system replacement. T. Ferraro & Son also specializes in water and sewer line hook-up and water and sewer line installation. We service residents of Westchester County and Dutchess County New York including Ardsley, Armonk, Banksville, Bedford, Briarcliff Manor, Chappaqua, Cortlandt, Cross River, Croton Falls, Dobbs Ferry, Eastchester, Elmsford, Fishkill, Greenburgh, Harrison, Hastings-on-Hudson, Hudson Valley, Irvington, Larchmont, Lewisboro, Lewisboro, Mamaroneck, Mount Kisco, Mount Pleasant, Mount Vernon, New Castle, New Rochelle, North Castle, North Salem, Ossining, Pelham, Peekskill, Pleasantville, Port Chester, Pound Ridge, Purchase, Rye Brook, Rye, Scarsdale, Sleepy Hollow, Somers, South Salem, Tarrytown, White Plains, Yonkers and Yorktown.

Excavation and Site Clearing

Site clearing is the removal of all vegetation, trees & stumps off site to clear site for construction.

Road & Driveway Grading

The process of cutting & filling of proposed roads & driveways to grade as per plan.

Road & Driveway Bases

Importing or trucking in materials designed for base of road, spread, graded & compacted prior to paving or regrading existing roads & re-topping them with stone.

Catch Basins, Manholes & Piping

These products are required to control water runoff, leader, footing, trough drains & direct water to streams, ponds, dry-wells or to daylight.

Dry wells

Dry wells are structures (poly or masonry) encased in stone & wrapped in filter fabric to absorb water underground & percolate in our natural earth. These structures are utilized for leader, footing, laundry & trough drains when piping to daylight is not allowed by authorities or simply not possible due to site conditions.

Detention Ponds

These man made ponds are strategically dug in lower lying areas to receive runoff water & all new road drainage & house drains.

Utilities Trenching

These trenches are dug & backfilled as per specs for electric, cable, telephone, sewer & water.

Foundation Excavation & Backfilling

The process of mechanically (Hydraulic Equipment, Bulldozers, Excavators, Backhoes Etc.) removing excess soil or rock or filling in where too low of building site as per plan or stakeout & to backfill (replacement of soils against new walls) & grade site to prescribed grades.

Footing & Leader Drains

Footing drains are essential to keeping ground water away from foundation & keeping a dry & musty smelling cellar & floor so as to be able to use cellar as living space. Drains are a series of pipes & stone covered with filter fabric & led to daylight or dry-T wells. Leader drains are optional but they do lead water away from foundation so as to not add additional water along foundation reducing chances of water entering or dampening your foundation & floor.


Hauling away with trucks all unsuitable or excess materials from site, or hauling in any materials required to complete projects or phases of job. ie: stone, sand, fill etc.

Slab Preparation

Slab prep is to fill, grade, compact approved soils & bring in stone, spread & compact slabs for cellar, garage, patios or sidewalks.

Septic System Installations

Septic Tank Installation

Tanks are a part of a septic system & they may include a septic tank, grease trap, pump chambers where required & sizes are based on engineering designs.

Replacement Septic Tanks

In time old metal or masonry tanks rust out & decay then collapse causing septic failure so old tank is pumped out, removed & a new upgraded tank will be set & reconnected to existing sewer-line & system. The new tank may be poly, metal or masonry.

Grease Traps

These tanks are usually installed in commercial situations where more grease then the norm is encountered, basically in restaurants & receive kitchen waste before entering septic tanks & separating grease from waste allowing only water to enter tank avoiding clogging & contamination of leaching fields.

Leaching Fields

Fields are a series of trenches approx. 2' wide x 2' deep with washed stone & pipes & covered with filter fabric which receives only septic water from septic tank. Field lengths are based per design & do nothing more than absorb water in the ground. Percolating soils are a must to having an efficient system.

Dry Wells

Dry wells are a series of structures (poly or masonry) which are dug & set into the ground with stone wrapped around them to absorb water directed to them from footing, leader & trough drains & also washing machines & catch-basins.

Abandoning of Existing Septic Systems & Reconnecting to new sewer mains:

When new sewer mains enter new neighborhoods & you wish to connect to the new sewer main, old septic systems (tanks) need to be pumped out, collapsed & filled in. Of course we also contract to excavate & connect your existing sewer line which was connected to old tank & reconnect to new main.

Pump Stations

Pump stations are a series of tanks & pumps where sewage & waste water is pumped to a higher level where a situation arises where there is a lack of gravity flow.