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Septic System in New York

Septic System Tank Installation:

Tanks are a part of a septic system & they may include a septic tank, grease trap, pump chambers where required & sizes are based on engineering designs.

Replacement Tanks:

In time old metal or masonry tanks rust out & decay then collapse causing septic failure so old tank is pumped out, removed & a new upgraded tank will be set & reconnected to existing sewer-line & system. The new tank may be poly, metal or masonry.

Grease Traps:

These tanks are usually installed in commercial situations where more grease then the norm is encountered, basically in restaurants & receive kitchen waste before entering septic tanks & separating grease from waste allowing only water to enter tank avoiding clogging & contamination of leaching fields.

Leaching Fields:

Fields are a series of trenches approx. 2' wide x 2' deep with washed stone & pipes & covered with filter fabric which receives only septic water from septic tank. Field lengths are based per design & do nothing more than absorb water in the ground. Percolating soils are a must to having an efficient system.

Dry Wells:

Dry wells are a series of structures (poly or masonry) which are dug & set into the ground with stone wrapped around them to absorb water directed to them from footing, leader & trough drains & also washing machines & catch-basins.

Abandoning of Existing Septic Systems & Reconnecting to new sewer mains:

Septic System in New York
When new sewer mains enter new neighborhoods & you wish to connect to the new sewer main, old septic systems (tanks) need to be pumped out, collapsed & filled in. Of course we also contract to excavate & connect your existing sewer line which was connected to old tank & reconnect to new main.

Pump Stations:

Pump stations are a series of tanks & pumps where sewage & waste water is pumped to a higher level where a situation arises where there is a lack of gravity flow.

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