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Tom Ferraro went the extra mile in everything he did for me. I also found him to be flexible and reasonable…he worked with me to find a solution within my budget.

Dan Urquhart

When I needed to put in a septic tank, I was referred to Tom Ferraro and Son. The work was done for a fair price and in the time frame I was told it would be done. If a friend of mine needed work on their septic, I would highly recommend Tom Ferraro and Son after doing business with them.

Jim Kerr, Yorktown, N.Y

I have known Tom Ferraro for more than 15 years and he has excavated a half dozen foundations, dozens of dry-wells, drainage and utility lines for me during that time. Tom is an exceptional professional who is on the job to anticipate and solve problems, which saves time and money on any project he is involved in. On our last project we had very tight tolerances for foundation corners and elevations, and of course he finished everything exactly as it needed to be. The driveway also required precise grading to meet a high entrance point with a lower garage and exit elevation and this all worked out to perfection. Tom is the only excavator I would use and recommend without reservation.

Paul Birgy, Tarrytown, N.Y.

Irvington Restoration Corp.

Tom Ferraro did an excellent job on my new leach field that he installed for me. I had gotten quotes from three different contractors before calling T Ferraro & Son. Prices I was quoted were between $9500.00 and $17,500. Tom came out one afternoon, and sent me a quote of $4,500.00, and I wasn’t even there to go over it with him. Sent him a down payment of $2,500, without even having met him. A week later, after the rains had stopped, he called to tell me he’d be there in two days.

At 8 am the next day, Tom was here with his equipment and helpers. They knocked down a big pine tree, and went right to work. Tore up the back yard, which was about 40 feet wide, and 80 feet long. It first looked like a war zone, but, they kept on going. Dug a trench, put down a gravel bed, and collectors across the width of the yard, had the piping down, Then They covered it up, and flattened it down, so all I need to do is plant grass. It took about five hours in all to get the whole deal done.

Well, it’s been three weeks since Tommy did the job. No problems have occurred at all. The job was well done, and for less than half the price other people were asking. Tommy did a bang up job, was personable, friendly, and professional. He’s the type of person who you’d want to call your friend, because he’s up front, honest, and he accomplishes what he promised. I’d definitely recommend T Ferraro and Son Inc to anyone who was looking to have an excavation job done, because you’ll be getting a good deal with Tommy.

Chris O’Brien, N.Y.

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